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5 (not so obvious) Essentials For Your Next Running Event or Triathlon

We all know the usual things necessary for our running events and if we are in a triathlon we have been obsessing over our gear, but I have some essentials in my race day bag that are not so obvious and might be a real help to you too!
  • Cheap hair conditioner. Nope not for your hair, for your wet suit. Just before I pull my arms through the wet suit I pour some conditioner on the interior of the wet suit chest area. This will work its way throughout the suit during the swim and will allow you to slip it off so fast making for a super speedy T1!
  • Big piece of chalk. Ever come out the water and into transition and for the life of you you can’t remember where you set up? Chalk the end of the row you are in so you have one less thing to think about. Look for your big colorful smiley face or whatever you like to draw. Be sure to check your athlete guide for the race as this isn't allowed at all races, though I’ve yet to be to one where it wasn’t allowed.
  • Favorite treat. Something that you can stash in your shirt / jersey that will give you energy and a yummy pick me up. It can get rough out there and anything that puts a smile on your face will make it a little easier. Nothing that will melt, ‘cause that’s a yucky mess. My favorite is a Nutter Butter cookie! I also like to have something at the finish line as motivation. I love the idea of a cold beer and sometimes I think about how good that will taste at the end, but only for shorter races. At the end of my Ironman I wanted nothing to do with the Chimay my boyfriend went above and beyond to find for me!
  • ActionWipes. I hate standing around sweaty and salty post race, plus it’s not very hygienic. I use these body towels that are not sticky, good for sensitive skin and have a light clean scent I like. They are large so you only need one to get cleaned up fast.
  • polo+dress (1)Cute, comfy breathable post-race clothes. After a quick wipe down I want to get out of those nasty race clothes and slip easily into something breezy and cute. I have a very packable easy dress or skirt I can change into while in the transition area. I instantly feel spruced up and can hangout to cheer everyone else.


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