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Because I won, Christine Won!

Congratulations to our WinnerChristine T of Fremont, CA is the lucky winner of the Betabrand voting / comment competition for my Aprés Sport Dress. In case you didn't hear, my design won due to the most comments! I selected one of my supporters to win an activity watch. If you missed it, see the dress design and comment here. To see all of our Aprés Sport Dresses visit our website. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for exciting news!! We are about to be ready to sell the dresses!!!  TMak Sportswear asked Christine... How will you incorporate an Après Sport Dress into your lifestyle? I'm excited to wear the Withings Activite Steel Watch to motivate me to stay active during my work day and monitor my rest days. I can’t wait for the Apres Sport Dress from Betabrand so I can continue the celebration from finish line to brunch! What motivates you to participate in sport? Training is the most physically demanding part of my day and yet it’s also the most relaxing. I’m motivated because competing is both a journey, through weeks of training, and a destination, to cross the finish line. Have you always led an active lifestyle? The outdoor is my gym. I’ve been a runner and a cyclist for as long as I can remember. After learning to swim last year, I embraced triathlons and everything related to water sports including kayaking, surfing, and open water distance swimming. Being active is one of my mantras. Best,  Tahra Makinson-Sanders Founder, TMak Sportswear


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