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Become a Lean GREEN Fighting Machine

Ever wonder why you seem to workout endlessly and never lose a pound? Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight, your goal might be to become a lean, mean, fit machine. Strong is sexy in my book and if I'm dreaming about a podium spot, lean means really fast. Nutrition is likely the one area we're not giving enough thought to when working to get faster and stronger. I used to think I could eat anything I wanted because I was working out so hard. That could be why I never got to the race weight I wanted to! After thinking about my workouts, measuring them, recording them, the last thing I wanted to do was apply the same methods to my eating. But my friend and founder of Moxie Sports Nutrition, Lindsay Orbeta, MS, RD, CSSD,  breaks it down in a really easy way for us. She advocates for loading up on veggies to get that power you want. Be a lean GREEN machine? From Lindsay: Why I wrote this at 5am: Last night I dropped $450 on registration for the Alcatraz Triathlon in SF (1.5m swim /20m bike /7m run). This morning I woke up with a serious mental shift in the way I’m approaching my diet over the next 5 months of training. This mindset shift occurred because 1) real racing isn’t just ‘finishing’- I want to be an actual contender in the top 10% of my age group 2) nutrition is my top-secret weapon and I’m deploying it every day until August 21st. In this post, I’m sharing a powerful diet strategy that will help you achieve your race weight before summer and increase your power:weight ratio at the same time. What is power:weight ratio? Expressed as watts per kilogram, power:weight refers to how fast you climb a particular hill. It’s the amount of power you’re able to push through your pedals divided by your body weight. READ MORE   


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