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It’s a race!

636140_orig Figuratively and literally. My triathlon race season has been great. It’s not as long as I would like but after three races finishing in the top 10 (one 3rd place!!) I am cool with that. Though I may sneak in another race in October, as I usually race four to five events and three seems like nothing. But now I am ready to focus all my energy on TMak Sportswear’s race. It’s a marathon to get the Spring 2016 line created. The Après Sports Dresses and the 2nd prototype of the TaDa Sports bra are in pattern making. Thanks to my Product Developer, Jared Drube (AKA my Rock Star) we are moving fast. Our sample fabric from Italy and Canada are in house. We are starting with our block patterns which become the foundation of our line from here on out. These are the building blocks for our size chart and from here we build our patterns for our unique designs. Thanks to PacWest teammate Lindsay Weise I have a perfect fit model. She met with Jared and fit the block dress pattern on and there are only a few minor tweaks that need to be made. Next up will be the designs themselves. Stay tuned as I plan to post them to our Facebook page and let you all vote on which you like best. From there we make pre-orders available Don’t forget to get out there and make the most of your summer, it will be gone before we all know it. Cheers, Tahra


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