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We have another winner!

We met Kimberly Marks at the Mermaid Triathlon a couple of weeks ago where we asked her for feedback on our Après Sport Dresses (www.tmaksportswear.com) and she won a #polarM400 GPS watch from Polar as a thank you. Kimberly is a member of the #GGTC Golden Gate Triathlon Club in San Francisco and had this to say about her active lifestyle:
- What motivates you to participate in sport? "Being healthy, strong and building a sense of community are the driving factors that motivate me."
- Have you always led an active lifestyle? "Yes, I have always led a healthy lifestyle. I was a competitive pool and ocean swimmer throughout my life and only recently branched out to triathlons''
How would you incorporate an Apres Sport Dress in your lifestyle? "I would wear and Apres Sport Dress after a workout or competition!"

Spotlight: Dress Winner Kim B

TMak Sportswear went to the USA Productions' California International Triathlon in Pleasanton, Ca. We talked to lots of women about our Aprés Sport Dress styles and it seems we have a hit on our hands! We had a drawing for a free dress and Kim B of Castro Valley, CA won. So we asked her a little about herself and her lifestyle in hopes we can inspire people with stories of what women do to stay active. 

How will you incorporate an Après Sport Dress into your lifestyle?
"As a mom of two young children with a career and a raging addiction to triathlon, my time is pretty crunched.  I barely have time to catch my breath when transitioning between workouts and mom duty. The Apres Sport Dress will be a great way for me to save time (and maybe not show up to school pickup in my cycling kit)! "
What motivates you to participate in sport?
"I believe it's so important to always be pushing out on our comfort zones, pushing our boundaries, and exploring our capabilities. Three years ago, I could have never dreamed I'd become a triathlete, and certainly never imagined I'd be pursuing the goals I am chasing today."
Have you always led an active lifestyle?
"I only began running and triathlon after having children. Getting started in my 30s has meant a steep learning curve, but it sure has been fun."
Kim chooses the Sprint Dress in fuschia.
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