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We live in a world with so many choices and the selections we make reflect our values.  This is why TMak Sportswear makes every effort to meet the people we contract with and source from. We build strong personal relationships with the owners. 

This hands-on approach means we can control quality, support local businesses and families and in turn the community around us. 

Our factory is a husband and wife business in downtown Oakland, CA. Wing Ma has been sewing here for over 20 years and worked with hundreds of local designers. He and his wife have a daughter in college who is studying communications. 

The fabric for our Podium Dress is milled in Pennsylvania, once a large center for textile production in the 20th century. Yarrington Mills has been in business for over 100 years and specializes in performance fabrics. They also handle the sublimation for our sport team dresses. 

Our fabric for the Olympic Wrap in Heather is from Kendor Textiles is in British Columbia Canada. Founded in 1953, with a commitment to quality service, building relationships, and integrity. TMak and Kendor's philosophy align in the same manner. Social Fabrics is a non-profit Vancouver group that helps recycle excess fabric from the apparel industry. Kendor frequently donates fabric to this great social initiative. 

The zippers we use come from YKK of Macon, GA. They began the USA factory in 1974.  “Joy comes not in profit alone but in giving something to the people of an area,” owner Tadao Yoshida said on opening day, according to a newspaper article. Early on, Yoshida’s philosophy, which he called the “cycle of goodness,” became the company’s mission. It means no one prospers unless he renders benefit to others, and the company continues to follow that philosophy. The Macon site produces 5 million zippers a day and its own brass to make the teeth and slider parts of a zipper. YKK also produces the machines that make the zippers.