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Hi, I am Tahra, owner and designer of TMak Sportswear.

I am an athlete who loves to be just a little bit Girly. When I work out I wear the usual stuff. But when I am finished I want my athletic self to feel cleaned up and pretty. I am calling it a dress revolution!

 I design a one-stop athletic dress. A dress that could be thrown in your gym bag and come out wrinkle free and instantly make you feel like Sporty Spice. Or it could travel with you and be your go-to dress that resists stains, is breathable and easily washed and quickly dries in your hotel sink.

Then that led me to realize a Podium Dress was a great idea. Why do we ladies hang around celebrating after a marathon, triathlon or other race in our sweaty, icky clothes? If we belong to a club, why not wear a dress emblazoned with your club’s logo? Good for the club and good for the body!

Next? I have a working prototype for a sports bra for ladies with bodacious tatas (36 DD+) so they can be as bouncy as they want without duck tape, double bras or pain! Stay tuned for that.

Everything we do; design, manufacture and source is from the good ‘ole USA! Yah!

Now get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

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